2024 Board of Directors

Carol Tietelbaum Carol Tietelbaum
Larry Goodman Larry Goodman
Simone Ravicz Simone Ravicz
Chaundra Prehara Chaundra Prehara
Events Coordinator
Jamie Kirkpatrick Jamie Kirkpatrick
Brian Dunphey Brian Dunphey
3000 Club
Marketing Position Open
Marketing/Community Outreach

2022 Board of Directors

Carol Tietelbaum, LMFT, President

Larry Goodman, LMFT, Treasurer 

Dr. Simone Ravicz, PhD, Secretary

Chaundra Prehara, LMFT, Events Coordinator

Sherry Gillimore-Reyes, LMFT, Membership

Dr. Jamie Kirkpatrick, PsyD, LMFT, Director-at-Large

Open Position, Marketing, Community Outreach (Open)

Brian Dunphey, LMFT, 3000 Club

We are always looking for new Board and Committee members who want to bring their energy, interests, and excitement to the Chapter.  If you would like to join a positive, working board or a committee, and have a specific skill or interest to contribute, please contact Carol Teitelbaum.

Our goals include:

  • Reaching out to more professionals in the valley   (Membership & Professional Outreach),
  • Improving our presence in the valley (Social Media & Professional Outreach)
  • Improving our workshops to have greater appeal to members and professionals (Events)
  • Becoming a source for professional growth and business opportunities  (Events and Office and Job Marketplace)

Interested in joining the Board of Directors? Please contact Carol at 760.219.2465.

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